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DENEB: the Nanotechnology Software by Atelgraphics.


DENEB can help you simulate a wide variety of natural phenomena at the quantum mechanical level, and it can help you wheter you are already an expert or not... How?  DENEB renders easier the performance of realistic atomistic simulations of the nano-world, many (most) of the technical issues when performing simulations of nano-scale systems are made easier, graphical, automatic...


DENEB is a powerful application capable of managing hundreds of projects, each containing hundreds of simulations applied to different samples, every one containing thousands of atoms. DENEB interfaces with most relevant simulation packages.


Create, import and manage hundreds of projects, simulations and samples.


Combine molecules into samples, several samples into new samples, simulations into projects etc, by simple copy-paste operations.

Edit projects, simulation's computational parameters, and samples with intuitive graphical user interfaces in seconds.

Launch your simulations into your favorite calculation engine, automatically monitoring its progress and getting back the outputs. 


DENEB fully integrated tools


 NanoExplorer is a database, capable to deal with thousands of samples:

   - Import all your samples (from your files formats) into NanoExplorer, and organize them into categories.

   - Quick search and visualization.

   - Export to xyz and DENEB's format. 

   - Save as image files.


 Sample Manipulator is a powerful visualization, measurement and creation module: Visualize, measure, navigate through samples. Create new samples by:

   - Building them from scratch.

   - Modifying existing samples.

   - Combine several samples-molecules into new ones.


 With Project Browser, you can create and manage your projects and simulations:

   - Create projects and simulations, group them as you want, and visualize the  sample in any simulation. 

   - Edit simulation parameters using Parameter Editor, and launch them into  remote hosts with a single click.


Job Manager allows you to:

   - Launch simulations for execution into remote hosts where the calculation engine is installed.  

   - Monitor automatically the remote computations state (pending, running,success, fail). 

   - Retrieve automatically the computations output ... 


To know more about DENEB, take a look at the gallery, videos and documents for Download (such as the manual and brochures) ... Do not hesitate asking us at